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1926 ford model T

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1926 Ford


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1926 Ford Model T

1926 Ford Model T

The Model T came in many configurations including a sedan, sportster, four door, pickup truck and whatever else Henry could build upon your request. The early days of the blue oval were interesting, with Henry holding on tight to the corporate reins and squeezing as much out of that Model T design chassis as he could. Legend has it that he took his potential executives out for dinner during the interview process. If you got your food, and you salted it prior to tasting it, you were not to be hired, as it shows you may have a propensity to make decisions without checking all the facts first!

For consignment, a 1916 Ford Model T. This buggy is configured to take 5 passengers comfortably, or more passengers slightly uncomfortably to their destination. Where this car varies from the normal Model T is in that not only is the control pedal arrangement more user friendly, (no more doing the wrong pedal shuffle), but it's also electric! Elon Musk, eat your heart out!

As a form of a tourer we see a bit of a higher stance. Also, as Henry Ford proclaimed, “Its available in any color as long as it's black”, and this car is in black, well black and wood! With its carriage an open cockpit and only one point of ingress and egress access to the back seat is limited to those who are a bit more limber. The body is constructed of oak and looks just fab with many coats of polyurethane to give it a deep shine. Simple black steel fenders frame wood 21-inch spoked wheels, also in black. The front grille and all bodywork is fairly straight and all Ford steel. Running boards are solid and set off the wooden body quite appropriately. Twin taillights bring up the rear and frame the wooden passenger compartment. Ford Model T is written in black across the rear and is followed by a leaf to let those behind know this isn't your run of the mill T. It's electric!

Peering thru any of the openings at the interior, (look ma! no doors!), we see front and rear bench seats with the lower cushions being black vinyl covered and the backs being solid wood. Both lower cushions are in very good shape with no tears, however, the front bench does have a wrinkle in the material. An original Model T steering wheel and column fronts a wooden dashboard that contains gauges to monitor the electrical vitals of this car, a headlight switch and both electric and oogah horns. Black clean rubber matting covers the floors and now only 2 pedals protrude along with the shifter. Looking up we see a wooden panel headliner with oak ribbings for support.

Long gone is the 177ci inline 4-cylinder and 2-speed planetary drivetrain. It has been replaced with a single electric motor that is powered by a 42-volt 200 amp/hr lithium ion battery pack and a 3-speed semi manual transmission. The rear axle is all original Model T and contains 3.63 gear ratio

Plenty of black painted wood with no rot or structural problem for the floor pans and underside. A steel frame holds the body tightly, and the rear axle, front steering, and electric drivetrain are attached to it as well. No rust, mechanical drum brakes on the rear and no exhaust is seen.

As i am the proud owner of a hybrid vehicle already I took the wheel of this fully electric classic. I had to deprogram myself from the norm of driving a Model T once I slid behind the wheel. A turn of the key and I slipped the shifter into first gear and pressed the throttle pedal. I was off with no sound at all except for the occasional creak of the wooden body. Acceleration was surprisingly good for this electric T and braking, while adequate, needs to be planned as the car is only equipped with the rear mechanical brakes. I didn't dare challenge the 25mph top speed or 25-mile range but I will say I got a charge out of driving it.

Wonderfully constructed showing in a finely finished oak wood exterior, black steel and no rust running truck. Reminiscent of the original Henry Ford concept that brought America away from the horse drawn carriage to the automobile but integrating modern electric technology. A must have for the Model T collector who needs one of everything, ZAP!

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