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1971 Trans Am HO 4-Speed

  • 1971
  • Pontiac
  • Trans Am HO 4-Speed

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  • Year 1971
  • Make Pontiac
  • Model Trans Am HO 4-Speed
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1971 Trans Am HO 4-Speed

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1971 Trans Am 455 HO - 4spd, 400hp, PHS, Cameo White, Hard to Find, 1 of 885 Stock  produced with a Manual Transmission Rebuilt 455 Engine - 400hp Rebuilt 4 Speed Transmission  Runs and drives Outstanding Frame-off Restored Everything rebuilt or New Cameo White Exterior with Blue Interior GM Historical Documented Car Original Dash - No cracks

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Pontiac's second-generation Trans Am should have blown several minds when it was presented in the spring of 1970, with its low-slung fastback body using a practical rear-facing shaker hood scoop, front air dam, spoilers ahead of each wheel, fender air extractors, and a rear spoiler. Enhancing that aerodynamic help was a 345-horsepower Ram Air III 400 or optional 370-hp Ram Air IV 400,

and the highest-level suspension with thick anti-roll bars rear and front, firm springs, 15 x 7 Rally II wheels (sans trim rings), and fat F60-15 raised-white-letter tires. If the Trans Am is shown to be a bit excessive for some purchasers, the muscular Formula might still deal with those with a lead foot, with less excitement and cost. The Esprit was the soft cruiser at even lower expense, and the base Firebird served budget-conscious buyers who still preferred a stylish driver.

Returning for 1971 fairly the same-- except for huge news under the hood and brand-new seats-- the Trans Am's base rate varied from $4,557 to $4,595, due to boosts throughout the design year, however, was around $200 less for 1972 in the middle of more modifications.

A grille with a stretched-Honeycomb pattern was brand-new for 1972, as was a polyethylene (plastic) front valance panel.
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The 1970 grille pattern and black surface were rollovers for the 1971 T/A, as revealed in this Lucerne Blue example.
They varied in these locations, both F-bodies were incredibly well designed.

Lucerne Blue was provided from 1970 to 1972 on Trans Ams, however, 1970's Polar White was altered to Cameo White for these years. The stripe was blue with a black border on white T/As and white with a black border on blue ones.

The small-box pattern of the 1971 grille ended up being an extended honeycomb for 1972 that connected in well with Honeycomb wheels (extra-cost in 1971, no-cost in 1972), and a plastic front valance changed the steel panel. Amber front parking light lenses with clear bulbs showed up in January 1972.

The "455 H.O." callouts embellished the shaker hood scoop of 1971 and '72 (revealed) Trans Am. Chrome-plated rocker covers and oil filler cap were no longer utilized, and the engine paint was altered to a nonmetallic blue.

Under this requirement, devices to be utilized on the cars were included in the engine throughout dyno screening to much better reproduce real output.

The Trans Am's basic engine dropped from 10.5:1 compression in 1970 to 8.4:1 in 1971, however,

it got 55 cubic inches and high-flowing "round-port" heads. Its bottom end had a nodular-iron crankshaft maintained by four-bolt primary caps, cast ArmaSteel linking rods, and cast aluminum pistons.

Round exhaust port heads (casting number 197 in 1971 and 7F6 in 1972) with 2.11/ 1.77-inch valves had bigger combustion chambers than the R/AIV's round-ports of 1969-' 70. It was the only Trans Am engine for 1971 and 1972 and was ranked at 300 net hp and 415 lb-ft of net torque in its last year.

Amongst the many extra-cost products in this blue Custom Trim, 1972 interior are power windows. Keep in mind the switch installed on the console and the symbol in place of the window crank manage on the door panel.

The Formula guiding wheel, Rally assesses, and the engine-turned panel was basic (1972 revealed). Custom-made Trim, console, an 8-track tape player, and A/C were optional.

INTERIOR In 1971, brand-new high-back container seats with incorporated headrests changed the 1970's low-back seats with different headrests.

A 1971 T/A VIN would check out "228871N100001" and breaks down as follows: 2= Pontiac; 28= Trans-Am; 87= coupe; 1= 1971; N= Norwood Assembly Plant (L= Van Nuys); 100001 series number.

In 1972, the VIN altered and likewise consisted of a digit to recognize the engine.The example "2V87X2N500001" would breakdown as 2= Pontiac; V= Trans-Am; 87= coupe; X= 455 H.O.; 2= 1972; N= Norwood Assembly Plant; 500001 series number.

The cowl information plate is situated on the top of the firewall software, on the chauffeur's side, and notes the design year as well as codes for the department, series, body design, plant, system number, interior trim, and lower and upper body-color (Cameo White= 11, Lucerne Blue= 26) and the develop date.

A Hurst shifter and a knob that seemed leather-wrapped (however wasn't) were utilized with the four-speed. The automatic transmission could be by hand upshifted without overshooting the next equipment by pressing the manage to the right and forward.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR As with any classic car, rust is an issue, so look for it on the fenders behind the front wheels, rocker panels, lower doors, floorings, wheel wells, rear quarter panels, trunk floorings, rear unitized frame members, and around the windscreen and backlight.

Check the Endura front bumper and body for paint problems and proof of bad repair work. Take a look at the undercarriage for exceedingly used parts, ideas of previous mishap damage, and prospective security problems.

Test drive the T/A to validate the appropriate operation of the powertrain, suspension, brakes, all systems, and optional devices, in addition, to exposing leakages, odd sounds, cigarette smoking, driveability problems, and more.

Make sure that all documentation is in order. If the T/A is stated to be initial, confirm all the codes.

This 1971 design includes the Custom Trim choice with the knit vinyl insert, door pull, and the carpets on the bottom of the door panel included. The lower panel would be all plastic for 1972.

REMEDIATION AND MODIFICATION Restoration parts are plentiful, so even reanimating a basket case T/A is possible, however, might not be economically sensible.

A more total resto possibility or a driver-quality or completed T/A might show a much better option, in spite of the greater preliminary rate. Offered the myriad possibilities readily available, adjustment strategies might just be restricted by your creativity and spending plan.

CONCLUSION The 1971- '72 second-gen Trans Ams were outstanding entertainers in their day that not just presented a race vehicle image but likewise backed it up with a torquey 455 H.O. and dealing with expertise that matched the Corvette.

They are still revered for those characteristics today.

The 15 x 7-inch Honeycomb wheels included a urethane fascia formed into a steel wheel. Caps included a Pontiac Arrowhead in 1972 (revealed) however not in 1971. Chromed tailpipe extensions were basic.

1970 T/As utilized a 12-bolt rear axle, starting in 1971, a 10-bolt axle with 8.5-inch ring equipment was utilized. The lower door panels ended up being all plastic for 1972 and the three-point seat belts got here early in the calendar year.

CHASSIS The 108-inch-wheelbase T/A had a unitized body shell with a bolt-on front subframe. Double body-colored mirrors with left-hand remote were likewise included.PRODUCTION The 1971 and 1972 Trans Ams exceeded the late-debuting 1969 T/A's 697 systems, however not the 3,196 overall of 1970.

RECREATION PARTS PRICES Air dam ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...$ 109 Aluminum consumption manifold ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...$ 299 Engine-turned instrument panel insert ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...... $149 Hood ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...$ 529 Quarter panel, best hand or left hand( each) ... ... ... ... ... ... ...$ 489 Rear spoiler( 3 pieces) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... $297 Round-port exhaust manifolds (set) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ......

for sale trans am

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