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Triumph Dolomite Six Saloon | Extensively restored | Very rare | 1937

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  • Year 1937
  • Make TRIUMPH
  • Model Dolomite Six Saloon

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Triumph Dolomite Six Saloon | Extensively restored | Very rare | 1937


- Extensively restored
- Repainted in 2018
- Bonnet with Louvres on the side
- Chromed Waterfall grille
- Sunroof
- 1991cc 6-cylinder engine
- Special engine with 3 SU Carburettors

Extensively restored  Dolomite Six Saloon for sale

We offer for sale this beautiful and very rare Dolomite Six Saloon from 1937. This Triumph was extensively restored in the period from 1997 to 2014 and repainted in 2018 to take the restoration to an even higher level. The  Dolomite Six Saloon comes from a real enthusiast who has kept a full folder with history and various photo reports. This classic has been featured in various magazines, which shows how special it is. Finding a Dolomite from the 1930s is already unique, let alone in the condition this classic is in. The Triumph Six Saloon is powered by a special 1991cc 6-cylinder engine with 3 SU carburetors and a 4-speed synchromesh gearbox.

Very rare Dolomite Six Saloon for sale
As you can see in the photos, this is a very special classic car. The Dolomite Six Saloon that we offer for sale here is one with the Louvres on the side of the hood. Another beautiful feature of the classic is the impressive chrome Waterfall grille that combines very nicely with the huge headlights and horns. This Triumph also has the original sliding roof, which also functions properly. The combination of the gray paint and the red interior makes it a real eye-catcher. In short, a very rare and beautiful  Dolomite Six Saloon that is completely ready for its new owner.

Want to buy a 1937  Six Saloon?
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  • Ref. nr.: t1200
  • Model: Dolomite
  • Year: 1937
  • Int. nr.: B38101
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Ernst van Kempen
Lars van Dongen
Vincent Praag

In current years there has actually conic into being a brand-new class of automobile of exceptional interest to the sportsperson, specifically, medium-sized chassis bring regular, roomy coachwork, yet had of efficiency and having a character that appeals especially to those Who have to motor far and quickly in closed-car convenience. Externally it appears to be a really pricey, dignified car and truck of generous measurements. As you take your location behind the wheel, it ends up being plainly apparent that there is a car and truck of sporting propensities, with its businesslike seating position, remote gear-lever, and usually modern-day air of performance. triumph dealer near me

This Triumph bears no relation to the straight-eight, twin o.h. camshaft Dolomite design that Donald Healey presented a couple of years earlier and which taped over 100 m.p.h. in a speed trial sometime earlier, running unblown. Exceptional among the main impressions of the vehicle is the severe smoothness of the rubber-mounted four-cylinder engine and the flexible riding in town-driving. Going quickly over bad surface areas there is some drifting action, and there is a propensity towards" dead" riding not unusual in contemporary automobiles with medium triumph dealer near me

The trail follows the 'front far much better than on the bulk of vehicles of this class with which we have actually wickedly taken purposeful liberties around open bends. Traveling speed can be 70 m.p.h. or more on the speedometer, when the cars and truck trips perfectly, feels"" and gains back speed really sufficiently after a check. The seating position is exceptional, with a simple periodic dream for narrower screen pillars, and some care required at very first to miss out on the accelerator when braking, though, in fact, the pedal positions are beyond criticism as quickly as one understands the automobile.

recommends a minimum of a 4-liter engine. The near-side wing is simply unnoticeable.triumph dealer near me

The latter has a good action however some effort is needed to hold the cars and truck on: a gradient. The gear-change is synchro-mesh on 2nd, leading and 3rd With standard positions and ball-gate. The lever was stiff to move into and out of 2nd and very first, most likely since the vehicle checked had just covered 2,000 miles.

Equipment releases a low whine, the other ratios are nearly quiet, both on drive and overrun, and it is a really tight transmission. The drive is taken up strongly yet extremely efficiently.

Far we have actually provided the impression of a stylish, glamorous automobile capable of getting quickly through crowded traffic and handling as a sportsperson wants his vehicle to deal with. On every open straight we quickly went up to 80 m.p.h. on the clock, and for some miles held 90 m.p.h. And a buddy put a number of miles into the hour in not extremely beneficial conditions that we can hardly think, though neither time nor mileage was delicately checked out. It far exceeded our previous" best-hour" in sports-type automobiles.

At 30 m.p.h. the speedometer was around 3 m.p.h. quickly and around 8 m.p.h. quickly at a reading of 60 m.p.h. The outright optimums on the equipments were: very first 28, 2nd 44 and 3rd 65 m.p.h.

Trying for attempting, velocity found it discovered to finest in begin, 2nd is normal procedure regular treatment road, roadway in actual fact real truth is equipment unduly low, so that about 20 m.p.h. can be comfortably reached conveniently second prior to 2nd.

Running versus the wind, 2 up, and with a motorist who makes no claim at being specifically proficient at getting a motor from the mark, to 50 m.p.h. inhabited 181 secs. and to 60 m.p.h.

29.0 secs. The basic pick-up of the Dolomite is displayed in the accompanying chart.

Undoubtedly we did not test with the help of flow-meters, and so on, however a relatively precise check with any predisposition in favour of the automobile offers an intake of roughly seventeen miles per gallon, whereas the makers declare twenty-six miles per gallon. We can just conclude that our heavy throttle-foot and the newness of the automobile were accountable. In the centre of the big spring-spoke wheel is the instructions indication control (the signal arms -cancelling instantly), the ignition lever, dipper lever, and the double horn button, with which appealing tunes can be played.

There is a huge travel luggage locker and the extra wheel on its cover is confined in a metal cover. The wings keep the Dolomite significantly cover and spick in filthy weather condition and the large running boards materially help one's entry and exit. We liked the driving position, however would have liked it even more had the seat cushion been a trifle greater or the wheel been smaller sized or set a little lower.

truly warm. The bonnet fasteners are relatively simple to open and they close most efficiently.

The look of the Triumph Dolomite is most striking and the radiator" grille," of actually stiff develop, looks really efficient in conjunction with the closeset area lights and horns. With discs on the wheels and smooth shapes, it needs to be a really simple cars and truck to keep clever. The handbuilt coachwork was commendably rattle-free.

Turning to mechanical matters, the four-cylinder engine has push-rod o.h. valves, coil ignition and twin carburetters. The crankshaft runs in 3 bearings, the camshaft is driven by roller-chain and there is four-point resistant installing. The last drive is by open shaft to a helical bevel rear axle.

pinup. Cooling is by pump and fan, thermostatically managed, the radiator holding 24 gallons and having a fillercap below the bonnet.

The wheels are of wire centre lock type, shod with Dunlop 5.50 ″ x17 ″ covers. Lucas electrical devices, Champion plugs, S.U. carburetters and an A.C. aircleaner are standardised. In conclusion this four-cylinder Triumph Dolomite is

The improvement and quality used belie the moderate cost.