Catalytic Converter Theft: Everything You Need To Know

Catalytic Converter Theft: Everything You Need To Know
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catalytic converter price

Catalytic Converter Theft: Everything You Need To Know

Here at, we work to keep our clients up-to-date on automobile market insights. While some weeks we get to share uplifting info, today we are here to go over a more major issue dealing with motorists: catalytic converter theft. Here is whatever you require to learn about this problem and what you can do to remain secure.

Why Are Catalytic Converters Being Stolen?
Your catalytic converter is an important part of your lorry, created to lower the toxins and hazardous gas your emissions system produces. It utilizes rare-earth elements like rhodium, palladium, and platinum to finish this procedure. Individuals have actually been taking catalytic converters off of cars and trucks to offer these metals for scraps.

catalytic converter price
catalytic converter price

While this has actually been taking place for many years, a current uptick in catalytic converter theft might be inspired by financial turbulence from the pandemic. Furthermore, the lowered foot traffic throughout this time might make it simpler for burglars who feel less most likely to be captured. It takes simply a couple of minutes for a burglar to see the catalytic converter out of your vehicle and leave you with countless dollars in damage.

Which Cars Are Targeted for Catalytic Converter Theft?
The Toyota Prius is one of the most targeted vehicles for catalytic converter theft. As a low-emissions automobile, Prius converters consist of bigger quantities of the rare-earth elements platinum, rhodium, and palladium.

Burglars can bring as much as $700 per converter from deceitful scrap backyards. And regrettably, this can leave Prius owners with costs as high as $2,000.

Since they are raised off the ground, trucks, and SUVs are likewise typical targets of catalytic converter theft. This makes it simpler to climb up under and translucent the metal. Every lorry on the roadway is vulnerable to a taken catalytic converter.

catalytic enzymes
catalytic enzymes

When Your Catalytic Converter Is Stolen, what To Do
Action 1: Contact the Authorities
You ought to instantly call the authorities if you discover your catalytic converter is missing out on. They will inspect regional security video cameras and work to see if they can assist capture the individual who took your converter. Furthermore, a cops report might be necessary for your insurance protection.

Action 2: Contact Your Insurance Company

Depending upon your protection, your vehicle insurance coverage might cover your catalytic converter replacement. You can call your insurance coverage representative to see what your alternatives are and whether you are covered.

scrap catalytic converter price list
scrap catalytic converter price list
Action 3: Visit a Mechanic
You must bring your automobile to a mechanic for service. A specialist can discuss your repair work alternatives with you and avoid you from driving without your catalytic converter.

What Happens When You Drive Without A Catalytic Converter?
When dealing with the healing expenses of a taken “feline,” lots of consumers question, “Can I drive without my catalytic converter?”

Technically, cars and trucks can work without a catalytic converter. Here are some of the difficulties you will deal with when driving without a catalytic converter.

Loud Vehicle Noises and Missing Catalytic Converter
The very first indication of a taken catalytic converter is extremely loud lorry sounds. You will discover that when driving without your catalytic converter, it will seem like your automobile is roaring– specifically when beginning or offering it gas.

Rough Driving and Acceleration
As your exhaust goes uncontrolled, your automobile will drive more approximately. Your engine generally requires your exhaust through your catalytic converter. Without this part in place, this powerful exhaust push will result in disconcerting, unequal velocity.

catalytic converter price lookup
catalytic converter price lookup

Yearly Vehicle Inspection Failure
Without your catalytic converter, you will stop working on both your NC security assessment and your NC emissions assessment. While the emissions evaluation failure might appear apparent, you might be questioning why a missing out on catalytic converter would trigger you to fail your security examination.

Your yearly security evaluation consists of an exhaust system check, which checks particularly for eliminated and tampered parts. This includes your catalytic converter, in addition to your muffler, exhaust pipe, PCP valve, and EGR valve, to name a few.

You will be not able to restore your lorry registration without a catalytic converter. You can discover more info on exhaust system checks here on our list of whatever is inspected throughout your yearly security examination.

Damaging Car Emissions

Your catalytic converter is called such due to the fact that it transforms toxic substances into less hazardous by-products, such as water vapor and carbon dioxide. Without this part, your automobile will no longer be filtering and decreasing damaging emissions, consisting of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide.

Preventing a $250 Fine
Not everybody who drives without a catalytic converter is the victim of theft. Some people pick to eliminate their catalytic converters to increase their horsepower. It can lead to a large fine of $250 if authorities discover that you eliminated your catalytic converter on function.

If your catalytic converter was, in reality, taken however you attempt to prevent replacement with workarounds, your efforts may look like the efforts of a chauffeur attempting to tamper with their emissions system. This is likewise why it is crucial to report a taken catalytic converter right away.

How Can You Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft?

Fortunately, there are a couple of preventative procedures you can require to prevent the theft of your catalytic converter.

Set Up a Protective Device
Catalytic converter theft has actually ended up being so popular that businesses have actually begun to offer protective gadgets. These setups make it difficult for anybody to cut off your catalytic converter.

You can discover a little bit more about Cat Security– among these protective gadgets– in this video from our professionals, and see the last setup here.

Vibration-Triggered Alarms

Some more recent lorries have a security setting that sets off the alarm when it senses vibrations. The sawing of your catalytic converter will suffice to trigger these alarms.

Conscious Parking
You can park in the garage to assist prevent catalytic converter theft when you are at the house. What about when you are on the go? When your garage is not a choice, here are some parking pointers to bear in mind:

Brightly-lit locations: Parking under street lights or in brightly-lit areas can assist hinder theft.
Extremely inhabited places: If the lot or parking lot you remain in is seeing a great deal of foot traffic, it will be tough for somebody to take your catalytic converter without being captured.
Security electronic camera: Keep an eye out for security cams in your parking lot and look for an area noticeable to the electronic cameras.
At the finest, these practices can prevent the theft of your catalytic converter. Otherwise, it might assist the authorities to capture the person who took your lorry parts.

Chapel Hill Tire Catalytic Converter Services

Chapel Hill Tire has the catalytic converter protective gadgets you require to preserve your comfort and keep your lorry safeguarded. We offer and set up these gadgets to assist our chauffeurs to avoid catalytic converter theft.

If your catalytic converter has actually been taken, get in touch with the authorities right away to report this theft. You can likewise check out Chapel Hill Tire to discuss your alternatives for repair work.