Classic Car Insurance You Must Know and How Much It Cost

Classic Car Insurance You Must Know and How Much It Cost
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Classic Car Insurance You Must Know and How Much It Cost

Myths abound about vintage automobiles. It is a prevalent misconception that classic car insurance would be much more expensive than standard car insurance. In certain instances, this assertion may be accurate, but not always.

We will address all the fundamental inquiries concerning historic car insurance in this post.

Why is an automobile considered a classic?

Your pride and pleasure is a vintage or antique car, but what precisely qualifies as a “classic car” in insurance terms? Typically, classic cars are characterized as being utilized mostly for enjoyment. Due to their historical value, classic automobiles are valued as collectibles and are worth preserving and restoring.

How do I find the best classic car insurance?

Consider the type of vintage automobile you own, the level of coverage you require, and any cost savings while looking for the best classic car insurance. You might need more spare parts coverage if you’re rebuilding a vintage Fiat in your garage. An expensive Porsche that you take to weekly local car events can benefit from increased yearly mileage caps and inflation protections. Common features to consider include:


To save money, choose a firm that gives discounts for things like bundling policies, covering numerous vehicles or having a collection, owning a pricey vehicle, parking it in a garage, installing safety equipment, being a member of an auto club, and having expertise behind the wheel.

Flexible deductible

For a car you wish to primarily self-insure, certain carriers, like American Modern, offer deductibles that might help you save on your rates. You may also get no-deductible insurance from organizations, which negates the need for you to pay for repairs out-of-pocket.

Inflation guard

As the value of your automobile rises, this feature raises your protection levels at no additional expense. This advantage is provided by American Collectors.

Spare parts coverage

This benefit safeguards you against the theft or destruction of replacement components and is perfect for rare automobile models with elusive parts.

Classic Car Insurance Cost

Coverage for collectible vehicles is almost always less expensive than conventional automobile insurance due to the fact that you drive much fewer miles every year and you are likely to keep the vehicle sheltered and in good condition. Nevertheless, the cost of classic or collector insurance is calculated similarly to common auto insurance.

How old must my vehicle be to be eligible for vintage insurance?

If an automobile is 25 model years old or older, it is typically regarded as an antique car and qualified for collector car insurance coverage. However, different kinds of cars can be eligible for collector car insurance coverage.

What distinguishes classic automobile insurance from a regular auto policy?


Agreed value

The insurance value of the car is one significant distinction between a collector car and a conventional car. The majority of daily driver car insurance provide Actual Cash Value plans. This is what an insurance adjuster estimates your automobile is worth, often based on used car prices rather than the enthusiast car market. A typical insurance assessor can’t just take costs for comparable automobiles from a website and give you an accurate assessment of the car’s value or the cost of the required repairs.

When a vintage automobile insurance coverage is written, the insurer and the owner determine the vehicle’s “agreed value.” The cost of replacement and special order components, condition and improvements, current market value, and other factors might all be included in that figure. The value is typically substantially more than what a conventional auto insurance would assign the vehicle based only on its age and usage. This kind of insurance helps to guarantee that you’ll be reimbursed for the actual cost of repairing or replacing your collector car.

Usage Restrictions

Your classic car has a higher possibility of getting involved in a costly accident the longer it is on the road. Some classic car insurance policies have tight mileage restrictions, while others are less restrictive. There might be mileage restrictions or coverage that only applies to particular types of driving, including recreational use. As a result, you might not be able to utilize the car for regular transportation. Make sure to inquire about your coverage’s use possibilities.

Safe storage

Every business and location has different needs for vehicle storage. It is always advised to secure your car in suitable storage circumstances that are secure, regardless of the regulations.

Vehicle condition

You might be able to add an endorsement to your classic car coverage if you’re repairing a “project car” to assist safeguard both the vehicle and your gear.


We compared the leading national insurers to choose a vehicle insurance provider that provides coverage that is appropriate for a range of classic car types in order to get the best insurance. Insurers with substantial discounts and few limitations on when and how you can use your car.

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