Things You Need To Know on How to Reset Service Brake System Light Silverado

Things You Need To Know on How to Reset Service Brake System Light Silverado
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Service Brake System Light Silverado

In this blog post, We’ll show you how to reset service brake system light silverado, In order for you to return to safe driving. The service brake system light in a chevy silverado truck could turn on for a few reasons. The dependable and power engine of the chevy silverado is what makes is what makes this truck so remarkable. Other features that make it a great vehicle include its superb suspension, efficient fuel economy, and safety features. However, drivers frequently neglect to properly maintain their vehicles, including the breaks.

Why does a Silverado truck’s Service Brake System light come on?

Worn Out Brake Pads

Your truck’s stopping capability may decrease if its brake pads are worn out. You could see that to stop the same distance, you need to apply more force to the brake pedal. The sound of screeching brakes is another typical indicator of worn-out brake pads. 

If you haven’t recently updated your brake pads, think about getting them inspected and replaced as necessary.

Low Level of Brake Fluid

Low brake fluid levels mean there is little to no fluid left to apply sufficient braking pressure to all four wheels.

This will result in mushy brakes or no brakes at all. Even if you disregard the sharp decline in performance, your Chevy Silverado brake monitoring system can still alert you to the need for braking system maintenance.

If you notice there is no braking fluid in the reservoir, you should be concerned. It indicates that you have lost far more brake fluid than you should have.

Air In The Brake Lines

It’s likely that you opened one or more brake lines when you previously repaired your braking system. This may have caused air pockets to form in the system.

It’s not good to have air in hydraulic fluid. More than brake fluid, it compresses. Spongy and erratic brakes are the end consequence. Using the brake pedal in various places will not result in consistent braking.

It is simple to identify air in the brake lines, which typically occurs after a brake job and a failure to bleed the brake lines.

Faulty Brake Caliper

The check brake system light may occasionally come on in rare circumstances when your brake caliper is defective and not reacting to fluid pressure from the braking system.

Bad Brake Rotor

Your brakes may rattle when you use them due to worn-out or warped brake rotors, which can also affect consistency.

How do I reset the Chevy Silverado truck’s Service Brake System light?

Don’t panic if your Chevy Silverado truck’s service brake system light illuminates. You can reset it by doing a few things.

Disconnect the Battery

Disconnecting the battery is one method of resetting the lamp. Identify the battery’s negative (-) and positive (+) terminals, then use a wrench to remove the terminal bolts. When the nuts are unfastened, remove the battery’s terminals and let them sit without being reconnected for roughly five minutes. This ought to restart the light.

Check the level of the service brake fluid.

Checking the brake fluid level and, if necessary, adding extra liquid is another technique to reset the light. Find the brake fluid reservoir beneath the truck’s hood and take the top off to perform this. If additional fluid is required, check the level first. Replace the cap and start the vehicle once the level is full. Resetting the light is necessary.

Search for leaks

The next thing you should do is inspect the system for leaks, if there aren’t any already. Before the light turns off, any problems, if any, need to be fixed.

Bleed The Service Brake System

You’ll need to bleed the service brake system if there are no leaks. You may either hire a pro to handle this or follow the guidelines in your Silverado owner’s handbook.

Service Brake Light Bulb Replacement

After taking these actions, if the light is still on, you might need to change the service brake light’s bulb.

Check the Service Manual

A service manual for your truck may be necessary if you wish to attempt to diagnose and reset the light yourself. You can follow these step-by-step steps to diagnose and reset the light.



The service brake system light on your Silverado may hopefully now be reset independently now that you know how. You must use caution while you complete the procedure, and if you feel that you are unable to do so, I advise you to have the service brakes system light reset at the nearest auto repair facility.

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