1 improve engine performance of the classic car

1 improve engine performance of the classic car
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improve the engine performance of classic cars?

People are usually boastful about the healthy performance of their classic cars. Classic cars are known to be heavy, strong, and powerful. You’ll feel like channeling the energy of a powerhouse while driving a classic car. If your classic car isn’t giving similar vibes then there is something wrong.

improve engine performance of the classic car

Most people leave weak-performing classic cars as they are. Since they consider their life span is completed so this happening was long due and inevitable. But what if we told you that it is possible to improve the performance of a classic car.

Yes, it is true that the engine performance of classic cars can decline with time. But by following some simple steps you can upgrade the performance of your classic car to another level.

Hence, if you’re looking to improve the engine performance of your classic car then this article is for you.

improve engine performance of the classic car

 Installation of Supercharger or Turbocharger

Installation of a supercharger can increase the performance of your classic car. A turbocharger is even better, it can multiply the performance of your car to a greater extent. Classic cars usually have uncharged engines. These engines take in hot air instead of cold due to which the output of the engine is limited. It is unable to reach its full potential and low power output is resulted.

Let us grasp the concept of a supercharger and turbocharger first. That what is a supercharger or turbocharger? A super or turbocharger is basically a centrifugal compressor. This compressor takes in the atmospheric air. It works upon the air to compress it to a smaller area. The local temperature of the air is reduced. Then this air with lower temperature is injected into the engine cycle.

improve engine performance of the classic car


Many people will have this confusion in their minds that if supercharger and turbocharger both perform the same function then what is the difference between both. The difference between a supercharger and a turbocharger is the source of driving power.

In a supercharger the compressor draws power directly from the engine shaft as a result engine output is reduced in an effort to counter this effect. But the overall impact is positive since the supercharger adds more to the power output than its intake.

On the other hand, a turbocharger draws power from hot exhaust gases leaving the engine. It draws no power from the engine. So, the net output of a turbocharger is more than that of a supercharger.

Now, coming back to the function of super and turbocharger. So what if the temperature of the air is reduced. How is this going to affect engine output? The cold air acts like an extra stretched elastic that has more power stored in it as compared to less stretched elastic.

So, cold air adds more power to the engine cycle and as a result, the performance of the engine is increased. Many modern-day cars already have a turbo or supercharger. If you install it in your classic car, it would make it stronger and enhance its power output.

Installation of High-Performing Exhaust System

If you want your car to perform well then its exhaust system must be in pristine condition. A low-performing exhaust system can choke your vehicle. It will keep your car from accelerating quickly and in addition to that, it will also keep your car from producing more power. To understand this let’s dig deep into details.

A low-performing exhaust system that is prone to clog and disrupt proper engine function can often reduce the power output of your car. If your vehicle’s exhaust system is dirty then a lot of engine power is consumed in pushing the exhaust gases through dirty airways.

improve engine performance of the classic car

On the other hand, if you have installed a high-performing exhaust system it will help during the discharge of gases. Saving loads of power and enabling your car to accelerate quickly.

Hence, it is totally worth it to upgrade the exhaust system of your classic car. It will have a huge impact on improving the performance of its engine.

Upgradation of Cooling System

Overheating of engine drains lots of power. Upgradation of the cooling system will help in keeping the temperature of the engine down. It will result in improved engine performance of classic cars.

improve engine performance of the classic car
improve engine performance of the classic car

Classic cars are built on ancient technology. They don’t have a high-performing cooling system. Though there is very little you can do in terms of cooling system up-gradation but even small steps in the right direction can improve the performance of your classic car remarkably.

You may consider changing the radiator or cooling fan of your classic car. Some technicians might suggest the installation of fins on the engine block. As these steps might aid in keeping the engine temperature down during its operation.

You can also make a difference by using high-performing coolants. All these steps will contribute to improving the engine performance of your classic car.