Raised Jeep Commander [Body, Suspension, and Recommended Kits]

Raised Jeep Commander [Body, Suspension, and Recommended Kits]
lifted jeep commander

lifted jeep commander

Lifted Jeep Commander: The Ultimate Lift Kit for the Jeep Commander

Choosing the right Jeep Commander lift kit for you can be tricky. We’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Choose the Right Installation Method ( lifted-jeep-commander )

There are two main installation methods for lifting Jeeps: bolt-on kits and coil-over suspension systems. Both work well, but there are some differences between them.

People also ask

How much does it cost to lift a Jeep Commander?

It will cost you about $800 to $4000 if you choose to get your Jeep Commander lifted by a professional. Further, depending on the quality of service, it could go up to $12,000. However, if you choose to do it yourself, it might cost you from $400 to $4000.

What are good lift kits for Jeeps?

Overall the Jeep Commander reliability is 62.5 and that makes it very reliable. The chart below illustrates exactly how this ranks compared to some other cars, but the average overall rating is 57 as some comparison.

Lift kits for Jeeps are available in many different sizes and styles. They’re designed to raise the height of your vehicle so that you can access the ground under your tires without having to crawl underneath.

How To Choose The Right Lift Kits For Your Jeep Commander

There are several things to consider when choosing a lift kit for your Jeep Commander. First, make sure that the lift kit will fit properly with your vehicle’s suspension system. If you plan to install the kit yourself, check out our guide to installing lift kits. You’ll also need to decide whether you want to add a new axle assembly or just replace the existing one. Finally, choose between a manual or automatic transmission.

The Jeep Commander has actually been among the most popular Jeep designs. It’s likewise among the most popular Jeep designs to raise. Even much better than the basic Jeep Commander is a raised Jeep Commander

A Jeep Commander that is properly raised will enhance its efficiency and offer it a harder, more enforcing appearance. The best lift adjustment raises the Jeep’s flight height providing it with extra ground clearance. This included height empowers the Jeep to go to locations where it might not reach in the past.

Continue reading to find out more about raising a Jeep Commander, what it is, the benefits and drawbacks of lifting, our suggested lift sets, and other details to assist you to identify if lifting is right for your

A Jeep Commander that is provided the ideal lift raises its flight height. The Jeep can now take a trip to locations where it might not go previously.

Another advantage to providing this Jeep a lift is the enhancement in its look. When this Jeep is correctly raised, it will look a lot more outstanding. This is what including a number of inches to the ground height of the Jeep achieves.

With this included height, the off-road efficiency of the Jeep will enhance since you can now utilize more powerful suspensions and larger tires. If you constantly utilize your Commander off-roading, getting your Jeep raised is the method to go.

You can raise your Jeep DIY design if you have the abilities, tools, and experience. Or you can ask a vehicle service center specializing in raising cars to do the work for you.

There are 2 methods to raise your Commander. It is by the method of a suspension lift or a body lift.

Jeep Lift Explained

Generally, the procedure of lifting is carried out to raise the height of your Jeep. There are Jeep owners who select to raise their lorries to make them look much better.

In raising a Jeep, the work consists of including or setting up a particular lift set for the Jeep. After setting up the lift package, the Jeep is raised a couple of inches above the tires.

Some Jeep owners pick to raise their cars so that they can take part in 4 × 4 contests. These competitors are really severe activities that just trucks and SUVs that have unique off-road adjustments can go into.

For those who sign up with these contests, expert and aggressive off-roading is the main factor they raise their automobiles. This is normally accompanied by increasing their tire sizes.

Suggested Jeep Commander Lift Kits

If you plan to raise your Commander, there are numerous lift sets offered in the market:

1. Rough Country 2 ″ Lift Kit

Among the most popular packages is made by Rough Country. Their suspension lift sets provide outstanding off-road efficiency at a remarkable worth.

The lift package that you must purchase needs to be within your spending plan. It is advised that you utilize a mix of leveling and lift packages to get the very best outcomes. These packages are offered online or from regional shops concentrating on lift packages.

Among the lift sets that you must think about is the Rough Country 2 ″ Lift Kit:

Click on this link to see it.

This Rough Country lift package can fit the 2006-2010 modes of Commander XK and Grand Cherokee WK. This lift package will offer your Commander the ideal mix of design, efficiency, and defense.

It is backed by a lifetime replacement service warranty from Rough Country. The package products are accurate laser-cut utilized in the CAD procedure. Your Jeep will have unrivaled ground clearance providing you the capability to drive through on and off-road barriers.

2. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit

There’s another suspension lift that you must likewise think about. This is the Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit Click on this link to see it on Amazon.

Installing this full-suspension set is simple with its ‘bolt-on’ design. You can likewise utilize the Supreme SuspensionsFull Lift Kit for  Commander XK 2006 to 2010 designs.

3. Jeep Commander XK 2.5 ″ Front + 2 ″ Rear Lift Kit.

Another gift set that can enhance your Commander’s appearance and off-road efficiency is the 2006-2010 Commander XK 2.5 ″ Front + 2 ″ Rear Lift Kit. Click on this link to see it 👌

jeep commander with lift kit

One plan consists of 2 carbon steel front strut spacers, 2 pieces of carbon steel rear spring spacers, set up hardware, and setup directions. This set will fit Jeep Commanders whether they are four-wheel drives or two-wheel drives.

Why Choose a Lift Kit for Your Jeep Commander

jeep commander lift

1. Enhance Appearance and Ground Clearance

Raise packages are the most popular type of addition or adjustment in updating Jeeps. This set will enhance the Jeep Commander’s look and increase its ground clearance so the Jeep can deal with higher off-road obstacles.

2. Raise the Height of the Vehicle’s Front

A lift package or leveling set can raise the height of the front of the automobile to be equal to the height of its back or rear end. Like a lot of durable SUVs and trucks, Jeeps have their rear ends somewhat higher than their front ends. If you desire to match the front height of your lorry to its rear height, you require to utilize a lift set.

3. Avoid Vehicle Sagging

Setting up a lift set will likewise avoid lorry sagging. You can repair this by setting up a leveling package.

4. Less expensive and Easier to Install

Leveling packages are much less expensive and much easier to set up than full-on suspension packages. These packages do not trigger any damage to your automobile.

jeep commander lifted

Kinds Of Jeep Lifts

There are 2 basic manners ins which you can raise your Commander. You can either do it by a body lift or a suspension lift. Both techniques have their drawbacks and benefits:

Body Lift

Body lift implies raising the entire body of the car and truck. This is done by altering the size of your tires. You require to change your existing tires with bigger sizes within the permitted area or clearance from the cars and truck’s body.

This likewise needs you to update the size of the rims. A body lift will increase the height of your Jeep from 1 to 3 inches if you utilize larger tires.


  • This is the least expensive option for Jeep upgrades
  • The package is simple and easy to set up
  • This package requires no complex modifications


  • A boost in ground clearance is not really substantial
  • There will be a minor boost in the Jeep’s center of mass
  • It leads to customized body roll

Suspension Lift

If you desire to increase your car and truck’s ground clearance to the maximum, a suspension lift is what you require to do. It will need you to customize your vehicle’s suspension system and not just to alter the size of the tires and the rims.

Suspension lifting will raise the level of your Jeep’s frame and body. There will be more space for suspension travel. A suspension lift will raise the height of your Jeep to an optimum of 6 inches from the ground.


  • An optimal boost in ground clearance is possible
  • Substantial enhancement in the Jeep’s total appearance
  • Enhancement of Jeep efficiency


  • There could be stability concerns and damage to the Jeep
  • Substantial boost in body roll
  • Substantial boost in the Jeep’s center of mass

Which Type of Lift Is Better?

You ought to pick a body lift due to the fact that it is less expensive if you have spending plan restrictions. Many specialists in this location state that the finest method is not to pick between a body lift and a suspension lift. They advise a mix of both body and suspension lifts.

They both alter the center of gravity no matter how low or high the lorry is. They both impact the drivability of the Jeep.

The expense of Lifting Your Jeep Commander

There is a distinction in expense between body lifting and suspension lifting. These 2 alternatives need various techniques of setup and various products. Naturally, they will have various expenses:

Body Lifting

As this approach is the easiest and the package is the simplest to set up, it is the most inexpensive choice. Typically, one set begins as low as $300 to $400. The real quantity will depend upon the brand name of the set and how high you desire your jeep to be.

The majority of these sets are DIYs. You require to have the standard tools to set up a package. It will take you from 2 to 7 hours to finish the setup.

Suspension Lifting

You have a number of options in suspension lifting when it concerns increasing the height of your Jeep:

  • 1 to 2 inches lift– typically, this set will cost you from $300 to $1,500.
  • 2 to 2.5 inches lift– the expense to have this lift normally varies from $1,000 to $5,000.
  • A 3 to 3.5 inches lift will cost you anywhere from $1,500 to more than $5,000.
  • 4 to 4.5 inches lift– this boost in height generally varies from $2,000 to more than $5,000.

As you can see, the expense of getting a suspension increases based on the height boost that you desire. The real expense will likewise rely on the brand name of the set and the intricacy of its setup.

Jeep Commander

It is simple to be swayed by the expense of the package, whether you will select a body or suspension set. Prior to selecting the DIY path, consider your existing abilities and capabilities. If you have experience in doing vehicle repair work, then, by all means, do it yourself.

The finest path, however, particularly if you desire to raise your Commander (raised) by 4 to 6 inches, is to let the experts do it. You will get the best and most safe task on your Jeep.

Conclusion: Jeep Commander Lifted

An appropriately raised Commander will not just look outstanding but will likewise enhance its off-road efficiency. Numerous lift packages can raise the Jeep’s flight height. They will offer your Jeep extra ground clearance.

Aside from enhancing its general look, the included height from the ground will allow you to drive your Jeep Commander to off-road tracks that it can’t just deal with in the past. This will avoid automobile drooping while likewise being more affordable and simple to set up.

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